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Paraffin Candle, , Vinyl Trimming Knife, Vinyl Hole Punch Set, Small Awl, 10 Piece Needle File Set, Pacifier Magnets
If you like to make your baby more realistic by making holes in the nostrils then you will want a set of needle files. Needle files are useful for cleaning out a doll's nose after you've made a hole in the vinyl. These files make it possible for you to clean and smooth the edges of the nostril holes making the nose look soft and natural.  This set includes ten 5.5” long needle files in assorted shapes such as flat, beveled, half round and round files.  Use these files for 19" and larger dolls.  

There are many ways to cut holes in tummy and tushie plates but the results are not always very attractive. With our new Vinyl Hole Punch Set you can punch smooth, even holes easily. The results are professional looking holes for tying the tummy or tushie over your baby's cloth body. 

This set comes with six punches for tiny preemies up to full size babies. Have the perfect size vinyl punch tool when you need it!

The vinyl trimming knife is used for trimming vinyl parts.  This allows you to easily cut out the ends of vinyl parts to give access to the inside.  Be careful though, this knife is surgically sharp!  

The knife comes with a safety cover to protect the blade when in storage.  This knife has a new 4-jaw chuck with more holding power and quick blade release for replacement of dull blades.

The awl is the very best way to open up your baby dolls nostrils to breath.  But the awl only works if you heat it.  The Liquid Pariffin Wax fuel cell is the safest and easiest way to do that.  you can take it anywhere without creating a safety hazard.  It contains 99.9% pure paraffin oil and burns with nearly smokeless heat

Disposable cells require no maintenance or adjustments. The fuel is classified as not toxic and non-flammable. It is in the same non-flammable category as vegetable oil and is rated non-hazardous. It is safe to use on the tabletop and there are no shipping restrictions, storage limitations, or insurance worries. Burns cleaner than solid wax candles. non-staining. No melted wax mess.

As seen in our 2008 Tutorial and Product Guide.

Pacifier Magnets
These high powered little magnets are very strong!  Your baby's pacifier will be extra secure. 

Add one magnet to the pacifier (remove the rubber end and glue in the magnet) using an extra strong super glue, like our Super glue.  Glue the other magnet inside the doll's mouth.

Want your baby to hold a toy?  This is a great way to add an wonderful tender touch to your tot.  Glue the magnet inside the hand and the other magnet onto (or inside of) a small baby. 

Pacifier sold seperately.

Super strong neodymium magnets also available.


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Vinyl Hole Punch Set (add $5.99)
Vinyl Trimming Knife (add $2.99)
Paraffin Candle (add $2.99)
Super Strong Magnets - 1 Pair (add $2.99)
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