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Glazes for Tears, Lips and More
Baby Tears
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Baby Tears in a Bottle (add $5.99)
Authentic Reborn Moist Glaze Medium 1 Ounce Jar (add $9.99)
Authentic Reborn Moist Glaze Medium Petite Jar (add $3.50)
Authentic Reborn Air Dry Gloss Varnish 1 Ounce Jar (add $7.95)
Authentic Reborn Air Dry Gloss Varnish Petite Jar (add $3.50)
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Easily create moist looking tears, mouth, eyes, and nose.

Are you missing the most crucial step in newborning?Many reborners forget the most crucial step to making their baby "come to life."  Are you using glaze on the eyes and lips? 

This simple, yet incredibly important step, is the #1 most identified part of bringing a baby doll to life by non-reborners (i.e., your customers!).  When you use a glaze and a stranger sees your doll for the first time you'll be amazed at how they will comment on the incredibly life like eyes and how the lips look like they could move at any moment! 

Baby Tears (Aleene's Paper Glaze)
Baby Tears in a bottle dry as clear and as wet looking as water! You probably remember the watery eyes and drool that come with little baby's. Now you can recreate those memories with Baby Tears in a bottle from Aleene's Paper Glaze. It goes on thick enough to not run when used. You can even brush it on in multiple layers to make the wet look deeper. A bottle of Baby Tears will really add to your artist tool box when it comes to making realistic newborn babies. Apply after paint has been heat-set.  Do not bake in oven.  Two ounces per bottle. 
Baby Tears Tutorial - PDF file

Authentic Reborn Moist Glaze Medium
Often times babies have moist areas such as eyelids, nostrils and inner ears. Now you can recreate this look on your reborn baby with Authentic Reborn brand Moist Glaze Medium. No thinner is needed, simply apply right out of the jar.  Available in petite or one ounce jars.

Bake all Authentic Reborn paints at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius.  Suggested bake time is 8 minutes.  For most accurate curing use our oven thermometer.

Authentic Reborn Air Dry Gloss Varnish
No need to bake this moist looking medium. It's air dry only. Ideal for touching up babies that are already finished but still need that moist look. Available in petite and one ounce sizes.

Sometimes you need to give your baby that moist but not wet look. Air Dry Gloss Varnish lets you create the appearance of moisture on your baby's skin. It's easy to apply and air dries to a moist looking satin finish. Let it dry over night. This product is designed to air dry only. Do not bake.

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