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Paint Brushes for Mini Dolls
Tiny brushes that are perfect for adding incredibly realism to adorable 6" mini babies.

Loew-Cornell Mini Lip & Nail Brush
The right size and shape brush is extremely important.  you do your very best work when you have the very best tools and this brush is the very best for your mini.  Tiny babies need the tiniest details and that is only possible with the tiniest brushes.   

Now you can paint your minis' with fine delicate detail.  This lip and nail brush is tiny enough to reach into every little lip crease.  It even has the arched "church window" tip that fits perfectly into a minis finger and toe nail cuticles.

Loew-Cornell Mini Mop Brush
Nothing is more adorable than a mini with all the life-like detail seen on larger reborn babies.  That kind of gentle detail can only be achieved through the use of a detail mop.  Now there is a mop perfectly sized for minis. 

A mop that is too large will smear your detail pushing paint where you don't want it to be.  A mini mop allows you to control where the detail needs to be soft and gradual.



Miniature Authentic Reborn Brushes
Authentic Reborn Brush Set for 6" Mini Babies
At last, brushes perfect for minis! This brush set includes the 2 most important brushes needed for painting minis.

Mini babies are fun and inexpensive to make.  You really only need two brushes to make a cute mini.  The lip and crease brush and the feathering brush.  The lip and crease brush can be used for every feature on the mini baby's body that requires a brush.  The feathering brush makes it possible to soften every detail and make your mini look her best.  This is a great way to experience reborning by having lots of fun and spending only a little money.

Set include both brushes shown.

Loew Cornell Mini Lip and Nail Brush (add $4.25)
Loew Cornell Mini Mop Brush (add $2.50)
Authentic Reborn Mini Brush Set (add $5.99)
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