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Authentic Reborn Paint Brushes
Excellent quality brushes designed for reborners at a very reasonable price.

Deluxe Paint Brushes
Pat Secrist has done it again! For the last year he has been working with Authentic Reborn to create brushes specially for the reborn artist. He designed these brushes to make it easier for you to achieve the realism that you have always wanted your babies to have. These brushes have more reborning performance features than any other set in the reborn world. That's because they were made with your needs in mind.  The Deluxe Brush Set Includes:

#1 Fan Brush
Ideal for painting the inside doll parts or for spreading glue to root hair.

#2 Crease Shader Brush
Ideal for softening and shading in hard-to-get-to creases and wrinkles. Used to feather, blend colors and remove excess paint from creases.

#3 Detail Mop Brush
Mops are one of the most useful and effective brushes in the reborning process. Several sizes are available.

#4 Lip & Nail Brush
Shaped and sized perfectly for creating sweet little baby lips. The rounded tip fits perfectly into the cuticle of nail beds for fingers and toes.

#5 Eyebrow Brush
The finest and most delicate eyebrow brush on the market. Perfect for painting the tiniest eyelid veins.

#6 Veining Brush
Just the right width for baby's veins and long enough to paint a smooth, even, uninterrupted line. Shaped perfectly for reaching into and painting between fingers and toes and every crease and wrinkle.

#7 Crease & Wrinkle Brush
Shaped perfectly for reaching into and painting creases like those between fingers and toes.

Economy Brush Set

Economy Brush Set
Are you new to reborning? The Economy Brush Set is affordable for the beginner without sacrificing quality. There are cheaper brushes available from other companies but they wont give you the results you really want because of their incredibly cheap bristles. The Economy brushes are not sold separately.

The Economy Brush Set includes the following brushes:

  • #7 Crease & Wrinkle Brush
  • #5 Eyebrow Brush
  • #1 Fan Brush
  • #3 Detail Mop Brush
  • #4 Lip & Nail Brush


Mop Brushes

Mop brushes are one of the most useful and effective brushes in the reborning process. Experienced  reborners recommend every artist have several. If you've seen our training DVDs you know that many steps involve the mop brush. if you have a brush for each of your main colors you won't have to try to clean out the brush after each use!

Mop Brushes
Create lifelike blushing and skin details with Authentic Reborn mop brushes.  They have just the right amount of spring to them so you can easily pounce incredible skin and blush patterns.  Four different sizes let you choose just the right mop for each of the baby's features. 

#1 SMall Detail Mop is the smallest and is perfect for pouncing details into tight areas such as around eyes and into ears.  It keeps you from spreading paint where you don't want it to go.

#2 Small Feathering Mop is ideal for softening your micro viens and eyebrows.  It also works well for softening the gentle shadows in your crease and wrinkles in tiny hard-to-get-to places.  It's easy to ruin your baby's realism if your feathering brush is too big especially around the delicate features of the eyelids and nose. 

#3 Medium Detail Mop is your main brush for adding that rashy look to your baby's cheeks.  Use this mop to add the right size blushing details to the entire head.  The fibers have just the right amount of spring in them to make pouncing details a breeze.

#4 Feathering Mop is the perfect brush for softening all your creases and wrinkles all over your baby's head and limbs.  The fibers are long enough to give the best soft-brushing-effect so that you won't remove the paint from your details.  Feathering is the act of softening the edges of lines and details on the baby's skin.  A paint line with a hard well defined edge makes your baby look unreal.  soften the lines with your #4 Feathering Mop. 

Miniature Authentic Reborn Brushes
Brush Set for 6" Mini Babies
At last, brushes perfect for minis! This brush set includes the 2 most important brushes needed for painting minis.

Mini babies are fun and inexpensive to make.  You really only need two brushes to make a cute mini.  The lip and crease brush and the feathering brush.  The lip and crease brush can be used for every feature on the mini baby's body that requires a brush.  The feathering brush makes it possible to soften every detail and make your mini look her best.  This is a great way to experience reborning by having lots of fun and spending only a little money.

Set include both brushes shown.

These Proffessional Brushes are top quality brushes for the professional reborner.
Those brushes were perfectly designed to aid the reborn artist in making the most life like babies possible.  This set of  professional line of brushes specially made for the professional reborn artist.  These brushes are designed by Pat Secrist for high performance and long life.  Those who know anything about paint brushes realize that the very best come from the hands of master brush makers in the heart of Germany.  They have been making brushes there since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci.  The secret behind the making of the Professional Series brushes are the fill materials and the specialty handles.  The entire brush set (except for the mop)uses high performance Taklon.  This material makes it possible to produce a chisel edge on the lip and nail brush and an infinite tip on the eyebrow brush as well as tapered points on the rest.  Finite details on your baby depend on brushes with finite tips.  These Taklon tips are hand cupped into well tapered brush points making everything from veining to shading, more detailed and life like on your reborn baby.  High performance brushes are both delicate and refined giving you the greatest possible control over your art.  Treat these with great care as precious instruments and they will last a very long time.  Your customers deserve your very best so equip yourself with the very best.

Authentic Brush Set (add $55.90)
Economy Brush Set (add $17.99)
Mop Brush Set (add $32.60)
Mop Brush 2 Small Feathering (add $8.99)
Mop Brush 4 Feathering Mop (add $8.49)
Brush Set for Mini Babies (add $8.99)
Proffessional Brushes set (add $69.99)
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Pat Secrist na minha opinião é o pioneiro na arte reborn,não existe outro,sou sua fâ e adoro tudo que voce faz Beijos
Posted by Célia Regina da Silva
03/18/2009 - 07:03 AM
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