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Authentic Reborn Professional Brushes
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These Proffessional Brushes are top quality brushes for the professional reborner.
Those brushes were perfectly designed to aid the reborn artist in making the most life like babies possible.  This set of  professional line of brushes specially made for the professional reborn artist.  These brushes are designed by Pat Secrist for high performance and long life.  Those who know anything about paint brushes realize that the very best come from the hands of master brush makers in the heart of Germany.  They have been making brushes there since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci.  The secret behind the making of the Professional Series brushes are the fill materials and the specialty handles.  The entire brush set (except for the mop)uses high performance Taklon.  This material makes it possible to produce a chisel edge on the lip and nail brush and an infinite tip on the eyebrow brush as well as tapered points on the rest.  Finite details on your baby depend on brushes with finite tips.  These Taklon tips are hand cupped into well tapered brush points making everything from veining to shading, more detailed and life like on your reborn baby.  High performance brushes are both delicate and refined giving you the greatest possible control over your art.  Treat these with great care as precious instruments and they will last a very long time.  Your customers deserve your very best so equip yourself with the very best.

The Professional brushes are available only as a set.


The Professional Brush Set includes the following brushes:

  • #7 Crease & Wrinkle Brush
  • #5 Eyebrow Brush
  • #2 Crease Shader Brush
  • #1 Fan Brush
  • #3 Detail Mop Brush
  • #4 Lip & Nail Brush
  • #6 Veining Brush
The Professional brushes are available only as a set.
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