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Baby Doll Eyelashes and E-Z Lashers
EZ Lasher for open eyes, EZ Lasher for sleeping babies, Eyelashes in size Baby or Preemie, Clear Thread lashes in size Baby or Preemie.

E-Z-Lasher EZ Lasher
The E-Z-Lasher was developed by Pat Secrist for use in the Secrist Doll Factory because his people got tired of the tedious process of using tweezers and toothpicks to coax the eyelashes into the right place. It can make a real mess when one end of the eyelash - with the glue already on it! - pops out of the eyelid and gets glue all over the eye and you too. The E-Z-Lasher grips the eyelash and shapes it to fit the curve of the eye so that you can install the eyelash in one easy step. Once you get the knack for using this tool you will be putting eyelashes on in just one step. It only takes seconds with the E-Z-Lasher.  

E-Z Lasher comes in black or red, color will vary.

EZ Lasher for Sleeping Babies
These special tweezers are used for closed-eyed babies.  It easily sets the eyelash making it nice and straight in-between the closed eyelids.

Most tweezers can only grasp one hair of an eyelash at a time. This makes it nearly impossible to hold the eyelash tight enough during installation causing the eyelash to twist and turn every direction except the one you want it to go. This tweezer grasps several hairs at a time because of its broad flat tip.

Clear Thread Eyelashes
Clear thread eyelashes have invisible thread. This means that these doll lashes can be applied directly to the doll's eyeball or eyelid, with glue that dries clear and all you will be able to see are the lashes, not the base thread that they are tied to.

Baby size = 18"-22" Dolls

Preemie Size=15"-17" Dolls

Eyelashes baby

Secrist baby eyelashes are thin and delicate just like a real baby's eyelashes. Baby size is for full term dolls. Our preemie size eyelashes work well for dolls 19" and smaller.  For extra-small dolls like our 12" micro-preemies simply cut the eyelashes in half.

Baby size = 18"-22" Dolls

Preemie Size=15"-17" Dolls

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EZ Lasher for Open Eye Babies (add $5.50)
EZ Lasher for Sleeping Babies (add $1.99)
Clear Thread Baby Lashes (add $5.99)
Clear Thread Preemie Lashes (add $5.99)
Standard Baby Lashes (add $5.45)
Standard Preemie Lashes (add $5.45)
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