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Baby Doll Clothes & More

Short Sleeved Shirt, Turtle Neck, Bloomers, Socks, Lace Socks, Flannel Recieveing Blankets, Preemie or Baby Diaper 3-Pack, Blue or Pink Hospital Wrist Bands 3-Pack


These adorable pantaloons where
made specifically for reborn dolls. These bloomers make it possible to put any dress with your reborn baby and completely hide all of the cloth body, revealing only the adorable chubby ¾ length legs!  The bloomers have a very slight lilac tint to the white.

Get 2 pairs of bloomers for the price of 1!


Short Sleeved Shirt
Now you can put any sleeveless garment on your 19" to 22" baby doll! There are so many adorable baby clothes that are sleeveless. As you may already know it can be a nightmare for reborn artists to find clothing to accommodate their little creation. Our specially made shirt fits the ¾ limb babies making it possible for them to wear any sleeveless garment you fall in love with.

Turtle Neck Shirt
This cute-as-a-button turtle neck works well with any short sleeved or sleeveless garment. Now you can put any garment you find on your baby without worrying about the cloth body showing. This is the perfect clothing accessory for our ¼ or ¾ limb body styles. The shirt has buttons on the neck just like a real baby shirt! Designed for dolls sizes 19" to 22".


Flannel receiving blankets are fuzzy and warm to the touch which is why so many people like to receive their new babies wrapped in them! It's a sign you care about the newborn that you just finished for them. Nothing is more adorable than unwrapping a cuddly baby in her warm little blanket. Many collectors object to receiving their new baby in plastic bags or even white tissue gift wrapping paper. A receiving blanket wraps your baby in love for your best possible presentation.

Contains one baby blanket.  Assorted colors and patterns.

Why waste your money on dolly socks when you can buy REAL baby socks for the same price?  Our baby socks are high quality then doll socks and look great!  The socks best fit 22" and larger dolls.

Contains one pair of white socks.


Baby feet vary in size and width making it hard to find a pair of socks that really look good and fit well. These Super Stretch Infant Socks are real baby socks and will easily stretch when used on bigger feet. Use real baby socks adds to the realism of your baby.

Assorted colors, two pair per package.

This real baby diaper is prefect for preemie to full size Secrist dolls.

Why spend so much time and effort making your doll look so real and then put a fake "doll diaper" on it?  These diapers have an adorable baby print on them and have re-sealable velcro flexi-tabs for closing the diaper.

Large diapers fit the 20" and 22" dolls.

Three per pack.


Hospital Wrist Bands
An authentic hospital band adds the final touch of realism to your newborn doll.  When people see the hospital band they know that the baby must be only a day old or so. The hospital band is the perfect place to name your baby.  It also gives you the artist a place to autograph your precious work. 

Each package comes with either three pink or three blue.  Sorry, they can't be mixed.

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1 Bloomers (add $5.99)
Short Sleeved Shirt (add $5.99)
Long Sleeved Shirt (add $6.99)
Lace Socks (add $3.00)
Socks (add $3.00)
Preemie Small Diaper 3-Pack (add $3.85)
Baby Large Diaper 3-Pack (add $3.85)
Flowered receiving blanket (add $3.80)
Hospital Balnkets (add $3.80)
Teddy Bear Blankets (add $3.80)
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