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Show Off Your Babies
Reborner's Tote Bag, Photo Pix Pen, Key Chains - all to help you show off or promote your reborn babies!

Photo Pix Pen
Put a picture of your own reborn baby in this pen!  Where else can you advertise your reborn babies for only $4.49?  Marketing your reborns is critical.  If people don't know that you make them then how can they buy them?  Every time you write a check or loan your Pix Pen to someone for a moment you will be advertising your babies.  When they see the picture of your baby on the pen they will ask about where you got it.



Photo Key Chain
Carrying a Photo Reborn Key Chain is a great way to stir up interest in your babies.  Put your nursery information on the back.  Wherever your keys go so will a picture of your reborn babies.  Let people know what you love to do! 

The key chain also makes a GREAT gift!  Put a picture of your mom on one side and a picture of a reborn baby you designed to look like her on the other side.  She'll cherish it forever.



Reborner's Photo Tote Bag
Advertise your reborning nursery everywhere you go with the Reborner's Photo Tote bag! Put your very best reborn photos in the clear window pockets and watch people take notice everywhere you go. Have your nursery name displayed in one of the windows to make people ask questions and start up a conversation, because that's what leads to a sale!

You probably already know the easist way to get a sale is when a person sees one of your darling babies for the first time. Instead of carrying around a full size doll (who wants to do that?!) strap a reborn 6" mini baby to your Reborner's Photo Tote bag!

Your mini will get a LOT of attention giving you the perfect opportunity to tell people you sell adorable lifelike baby dolls.

Bag is 19" long x 11" deep. There are six slots for pictures: three slots are 3" long by 3" wide, and two slots are 5.5" long by 4.5" wide.

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Photo Pix Pen (add $4.50)
Photo Key Chain (add $0.99)
Photo Tote Bag (add $8.99)
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