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Helpful Articles on Selling Your Reborn Dolls

Thinking about selling online?

If you're interested in having a custom deigned e-commerce website created by Secrist's web designer contact for a quote.  All websites are designed using software that YOU can easily manage and make updates instantly.  After your website is built you'll no longer have to pay to have someone make changes - since you can easily and quickly do it yourself!  If you can use MicroSoft Word, you can make your own changes to your website - no HTML or other website knowledge required.  Really, it's that simple!  Plus, if needed, additional monthly support is offered at an incredibly low price.

Basic e-commerce web packages start at $500 and include custom design.  This special price is for Secrist reborn doll makers. 

Marketing Your Business
Everyone knows you have to spend money to make money. However, they don't tell you how to get the best bang for your buck! Secrist Toys, Inc has been in the doll industry for over 25 years and we're happy to offer you our suggestions on how you can stretch your marketing dollars to get new business and grow your sales.

Car Magnets

You can quickly and easily let people know about your business by putting large, full-color magnets on your car doors. Since reborning is still a new hobby to most people they don't know where to look! Get their attention with an eye catching car magnet and advertise yourself all around town. You can get TWO full-color car magnets like the one shown here for as little as $30.00!*


Outdoor Banner
Nothing gets attention like a full-color banner!  You could have an attractive banner showing a picture of one of your beautiful reborns right in your front yard.  Or better yet, if you have a good with land, see if you can place it somewhere by a busy road.  Make sure to list your website address or phone number so people will know who to contact to get one of those beautiful dolls!  Banners are also perfect if you go to local craft shows.  Stand out from other tables around you by hanging a large banner either on your table or behind you to grab people's attention.  And we all know, nothing gets their attention like a beautiful baby!

Be your own walking billboard! No one can sell your products as well as you can. When you wear a t-shirt with an image of an adorable reborn baby doll, your web site address, and a line about what you do, you'll get all sorts of attention. Just don't forget to carry your business cards!

Here's a unique way to promote your reborn business! When you write a check your teller won't be able to resist asking you about the adorable baby dolls shown on them. This gives you the opportunity to tell them all about what you do - and get a new customer! Plus, if you put your web address on your checks, every time you mail a payment in you'll be advertising to the person who deposits it!

Thank You Card with Incentive
Nothing makes your customer feel well taken care of like a hand written thank you card in their order. Take it to the next level though by offering them an incentive right inside the card. Try something like this:

Dear Jane,

Thank you for ordering one of my precious hand made baby creations.  I am so glad she will be going to a good home.  If you or one of your friends would like to purchase another doll from me I will happily include a few extras (like the pacifier and recieving blanket) for free! 



Katie at Twinkle Reborn Nursery

By inserting a promotion right into the thank you card you make the customer feel extra special and give them a call to action at the same time. It will take a few extra minutes and cost about 75 cents per card to send a personal note to your customers, but you'll find word will spread fast when people tell their friends (both at home and online!) about the fantastic service you provide.

Custom Design
If you want your business card to really stand out, you want it to look professional. The same designer that made the Secrist Certified Teacher ads in the back of the 2009 Guide is available to design a business card for you! Take advantage of special low rates for Secrist distributors. Call the office and tell Jennifer that you would like a quote or e-mail

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